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Welcome the the American home of The Dani.

Battery Free Ganz produces the Danivape in Vietnam. BFG is a group of dry herb enthusiasts based in Vietnam, Southeast Asia.

They desire to bring high-quality craftsmanship and ingenuity at affordable prices.

The Dani V3 is a new thermal extraction device that has a silver ring to help retain heat in the cap. lt has a bi-metal disc that clicks close to temp. The Dani has some play in regards to “respecting the click”. The click comes at a lower temp setting so you can go a few seconds past for your own personal liking.

The smooth titanium tip is the second interation to the v3. It offers more airflow and allows for a more personalized experience. The very tip of the tip and the inside of cap make a snug fit when tightened down all of the way. As you unscrew the cap the space between the inside of the cap and the tip grows larger, allowing for more airflow the more you loosen the cap. It is made from titanium so it does cool down the cap faster which is nice for those hot second and third fill ups.

check out some usage videos over on YouTube. With more to come

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