Info and tips for bfg Dani and Fusion

Info about the Dani

  • The Dani bowl is about 33% larger than a dynavap. A full pack on the Dani was .18 and the same on a full pack dynavap was .12.
  • The cap has a silver ring that is permanently affixed to it. The cap also threads onto the bowl to keep it from falling off randomly and melting whatever it touches.
  • The silver ring allows the Dani to retain the heat for a better extraction in one heat up.
  • This T.E.D. really shines in a group atmosphere where you can pass it around. While you hold in your vapors, you can watch your buds puff away on the Dani, all within the same same heat up cycle. I hated having to heat up my dynas every hit for my buddies.
  • The Dani will work with h/I heater but it does take a little longer than average time. This will drain those batteries and you will have to find an h/I with a big enough opening because the Dani bowl is larger than dynavap’s but the option will work.
  • The cap is only slightly magnetic. Bfg is working at this, but for now I always just rest it on something metal.
  • Unfortunately the Dani is not compatible with dynavaps. The Dani tip has a larger outer diameter so it will not fit.

Tips And Tricks

  • When using the wooden stem, you can place a 3/8×1/2inch(available at the local hardware store) o-ring in the bottom knotch and your stem will fit into a 14mm downstem without scratching up the finish. The same size o-ring will work with the metal stems, but it will just slide up to the titanium sleeve and rest there.
  • If the caps sticks when trying to untwist; try and heat the cap back up to the click, then use the leather sleeve to twist the hot cap off. Sometimes when using those heat temps the different surfaces heat and cool differently so they can bind up. Heating them or freezing them helps in breaking the threads loose.
  • When using a metal stem, leave a little gap between the last fin on the tip and the sleeve that it slides into. This will help with heat on the stem. Back to back heat up will cause the stem to get hot to the touch.
  • The bigger the better on the torch. Your Dani can take the heat so go to town. I recommend the ronxs dual flame. I just received one last week and it is whisper quiet and it does an awesome job.
  • If you want to add some airflow you can always remove the intercooler. Surprisingly it allows a noticeably different airflow and its still a pretty cool hit natively.
  • The Dani comes with a leather sheath which doubles up as a carrying case and it helps you to remove the cap when trying to do back to backs. Just put the cap part into the sheath and hold onto it thru the leather and twist. It will allow you to take the cap off without burning those precious little fingers.