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June 7, 2024

Produces great vapor either through the stem or through a water pipe and looks great too. Shipping is very fast and well put together too.

Matticus (verified owner)

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May 31, 2024

First of all fast shipping by Wesley all the way across the country. I’ve only used the Vaphit X for one day so still getting the hang of it. It comes with a ton of stuff seems built well and is a great value versus a dynavap. That being said I think I am going to order one of the dynavap caps that click.

Zach (verified owner)

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May 18, 2024

Shipping time is phenomenal! I had mine( short cool stem) in 4 days. Definitely keeps the heat down considering it’s a short stem and you can go through 6+ heat cycles while holding it pretty comfortably. You can definitely get full extraction with this vape you just have to learn how far to heat past the click. Definitely the best place to buy the Dani in the US! I’d recommend this store to anyone!

Payton (verified owner)

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April 27, 2024

doesn’t hold .2 grams. the most I can fit is about .16 packed tighter than I’d like it. it performs best and gives full even extractions in one heat up with .1 grams packed loosely going 2-3 seconds past the click with a medium flame. big thick hits with flavor, feels like its .2 grams lol. the bowl is smaller than the v3 but the hits are much more potent. biggest con is the click is much quieter but I always hear it.


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April 11, 2024

Freaking love it!!! Super cool flavorful hits. It looks amazing just looks and feels good and well built. I also got a torch as a gift and am very pleased with it actually. My stem is black instead of the blue but I think I like it more. Comes with some extra o rings and a small magnet. There’s also the magnetic cap remover included which is quite handy. I did not get an email with tracking but I messaged and got a response within in hour with my tracking. Very discreet packaging. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely be ordering more from here in the future!!

Caden (verified owner)
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